Sony Photo Recovery Software : A Effective Utility To Restore Lost Data

This is a complete digital era and we are completely dependent on numbers of electronic gadgets and Sony is a well known brand that has set up a benchmark for all the different brands due to its advanced features and technology. Sony is a brand that manufacture numbers of electronic goods that includes TV, laptops, cameras, household equipments, and many more. But the cameras that are provided by Sony is awesome because they are outstanding in terms of picture quality, price, features and most important it is a trusted brand that is used by many of the users even by the professionals till the regular users. With the use of Cameras Photos that are the most memorable things of our precious moments spend with our loved ones can be saved for a long time.

But there are certain situations that might result in damaging or corrupting the memory cards that are used in the cameras. There are several reasons that might corrupt the memory cards as : accidental deletion of pics and other data, loss of images while transferring data, sudden camera shut down, pulling of memory card while camera is in use, formatting of digital camera that arise format errors on card, corruption in media and virus infection.

All of these reason will make the stored data corrupted and make them in-accessible. So there is a need to perform the recovery for the lost and corrupted data and making an updated backup for all the data. Maintaining a proper backup for all the data is an accurate solution to get back all the lost data but in case if the user don't have the backup then the only way that can restore the lost data is by using the third party recovery tool. This is a advanced and powerful utility that will restore all the lost data as photos, audios, videos, etc from all the available formats in an efficient way. Sony Photo Recovery Tool is a recovery tool that is constructed in such a way so that it can easily recover all lost, deleted, corrupted data from hard drives, USB drives, and also supports the recovery from all the different types of memory cards as SD, XD etc.

The Sony Recovery Tool is an featured and advanced recovery tool that is equipped with numbers of advanced features and technology that will throughly scan the system and retrieve all the lost data in an efficient way. There are also numbers of features added to the software that will make it more advanced and powerful in performing the recovery for the lost data. The most advanced feature of the software is that it provides a very interactive interface that make it easier for the users from the professionals as well as layman to easily operate the software and perform the recovery.

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User Guide for Mac

Sony Photo Recovery : User Guide for Mac

Step 1 - Download and Launch the software. Now connect the media devices to the system and after that click on the 'Start Scan' icon that is found below the Data Recovery Tab.

Step 2 - List of all the drives and logical volumes will appear on the Screen. Here you can select the volume or drive from which data has to be recovered and now click on the 'Start Scan' or 'Advanced Scan' option that will start the recovery of all lost audio, video, images easily.

Step 3 - After clicking on the 'Advanced Scan' option, a 'File list' tab will show all the of different supported camera with their specific file formats.Select the file type for recovery and then click on 'Start Scan' option to start the scanning process to recover all the lost data.

Step 4 - After the complition of the scanning process, all the recovered files will be listed on the left hand side in a seperate folders according to their category that is audio, video, images etc. All the files will be listed in the right-bottom pane and here you can preview the recovered files in the upper-right pane to see the preview.

Step 5 -Select all the files that have to be recovered and then click on the 'Recover' button to save all of them. A dialog Box will appear on the screen that will allow to browse the desired location of the recovered data by clicking on the 'Choose' option.

Step 6 - Finally,it will save all the data that has to be recovered and the saving process will appear on the progress bar in the bottom of the screen.

User Guide for Windows

Sony Photo Recovery : User Guide for Windows

Step 1- Download and Install the Software on the system and then attach the media for recovery to the computer. Click on the 'Recover Photo,Video & Audio' option that appears on the main interface of the software.

Step 2-Select the drive from which recovery is to be done.Click on the 'Start Now' option that will start the recovery

Step 3:-'Advance Scan' option lets you customize the recovery depending on file types.

Step 4:- After that you can preview the recovered data in three different styles that is Cover Flow Files, Thumbnail View, and List View.

Step 5:- A dialouge Box will appear on the screen that will ask the user for the desired location for saving the recovered files. Once the user specify the location all the data will be saved.

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